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Impact Windows & Doors

Impact Windows & Doors

Impact windows and doors are a smart addition to any home in South Florida. With hurricanes, storms, and damaging winds, and break-ins in some areas, impact windows and doors reinforce your home and provide year round peace of mind.

How Are Impact Windows & Doors Reinforced?

Impact windows and doors are made strong with heavy duty aluminum frames and reinforced hardware. There are several types of glass to choose from that will improve energy-efficiency, comfort, and sound. Tempered, laminated, heat-treated, or tinted glass is sometimes accompanied by an additional layer of film or argon gas between double panes.


When impact glass is struck, instead of shattering, the glass will crack in a “spider web” pattern but will remain intact. This is critical during a hurricane when a breech in a home’s envelope could cause structural collapse.

What Are The Benefits Of Impact Windows & Doors?

Increases Energy Efficiency

When installed in sunny areas, impact windows can reduce energy costs and keep furniture from fading. In addition to offering advice on impact windows, we will break down all the terms and definitions involved, such as low-e, solar heat gain coefficient, r-value and u-value.

Reduces Outside Noise

Outside noise is reduced by heavy duty aluminum, thicker glass and reinforced frames. Impact windows reduce outside noise including traffic noise, barking dogs, and other noises.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Storm-hardening home improvements, such as impact windows and doors, often qualify homeowners for discounts on their insurance premiums.

Boosts Home Value

You can expect a return on investment of about 80% when installing impact windows. An impact window installation is one of the most valuable home improvements you can make.

Better Security

Impact-resistant windows can provide protection against break-ins as well as projectiles and storm damage. Intruders who break the glass will realize they cannot further penetrate the glass once they realize the impact window cannot be broken.

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