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New AC Installation

New A/C Installation

You can increase your home’s energy efficiency by replacing your old air conditioning unit. In addition to saving money immediately on your utility bills, you’ll also experience fewer service calls and repairs as a result of a more efficient A/C unit.

How To Know If You Need A New A/C

  • Check The SEER Rating – Make sure that your air conditioner’s condenser (outdoor unit) has a SEER rating greater than 10. The Department of Energy requires new A/C condensers to have a SEER rating of 14+. Older units usually have a SEER rating of 6-9.
  • Pay Attention To Costs – If your energy bills go up, or service calls or repair costs go up, it could be time to upgrade to a more efficient system. You could save up to 40% on cooling costs by upgrading your unit to an energy-efficient one.
  • Don’t Be Uncomfortable! – If your A/C isn’t keeping up, it can make living in South Florida miserable. If your A/C runs constantly but isn’t cooling enough, if it’s constantly kicking off, or otherwise simply not performing well and you’ve had it serviced, it may be time for a new system.
  • Stop Using Freon – Older systems use R-22 refrigerants, which are bad for the ozone and are found in original Freon formulas. When your older system needs to be charged after a leak, you’ll be shocked at the cost of R-22. Air conditioners today use cheaper, safer R-410A, which is easily available.

Choose From Efficient New A/Cs With Industry-Leading Warranties

Infinity partners with top manufacturers of A/Cs to offer you the best systems at some of the best prices – all with industry-leading warranties to give you peace of mind for years to come.

Brands we carry include:

  • American Standard
  • Carrier
  • Goodman
  • Trane
  • Rheem
  • Lennox

Contact Infinity today for a free in-home inspection and estimate. And learn how you may qualify for $0 down financing through PACE!