PACE Program: $0 Down Impact Window Replacement in Florida

Are you Eligible for the PACE Program? Get an Impact Window Replacement in Florida With $0 Down

Imagine being able to upgrade your entire home to clean, clear, ultra-strong, protective storm windows – but without having to come up with any upfront cost. Florida homeowners take advantage of this government approved program every day! As an approved PACE contractor, we see this program at work first hand. Real people are really using it as a smart way to make major upgrades to their home with $0 down, 100% financing, no credit check low, fixed rates, and 10-30 year repayment terms. Wow!

Are impact windows covered by the PACE Program?

They are! The full cost of impact window replacement is a covered home improvement under the PACE program. That means the cost of the window products and the installation when installed by an approved contractor are all covered by PACE Program funding. This means you’ll pay $0 up front and then spread the repayment out over 10-30 years depending on your terms.

What happens if I sell my home?

If you sell your house before the payoff is complete, the balance can be transferred to the new owner since it is attached to the home and not an individual. In Florida where impact windows can mean the difference of a home standing up in a storm or being demolished, impact windows are a smart home improvement that commands a high value at sale time. The new owners will assume the payments for this upgraded feature that protects the investment they are purchasing.

What’s the catch? Why would the government help me pay for new windows?

Replacing old windows with storm windows comes at a cost, but at nowhere near the cost of repairing a home devastated when windows and doors didn’t hold up. Ian was a wakeup call for all of us in Florida. Florida communities, governments, and business owners have now seen or experienced first hand the real ramifications of homes not fortified for hurricane season.

Do I need to sacrifice style for function? 

There’s no need to limit or scale back your creative vision or aesthetic ideas in order to utilize the PACE funding. Impact windows, also known as “hurricane windows” are defined by their construction, not by their style. Designed with reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass that won’t shatter or be compromised by heavy winds, impact windows come in so many styles and colors of impact windows that you’ll have plenty of creative license within the boundaries of what Florida Statute 163.08 defines as a “qualifying improvement”.

How much do impact windows cost to install? 

That’s a great question, and one that we’re prepared to answer. There are so many factors to consider – the number and size of windows, your choice of materials and features, the installation area, and your vision for the project. You can research online and use calculators to get estimates, but getting a firm quote requires an onsite estimate. We offer onsite project estimates at no charge and as approved PACE installers, we can also help you navigate the PACE program for up to 100% funding for the project.

How do I sign up!

The first step is to get a free, no obligation assessment. We’ll send one of our window design and installation experts out to talk to you about options, goals, dreams, and ideas. You can opt for a whole new look or stick to functional window replacements. Together, you can compare features, options, pricing, and design a project for your home. We’ll walk you through the PACE program to find out what you qualify for and and get you started down the road to to make your vision a reality.

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