Top Impact Window Styles 2024: Protect Your Florida Home

Florida Homeowner: Most Popular Impact Window Styles in Florida for 2024

Here in Florida’s wet and windy weather, strong and sturdy windows are a must. But windows provide so much more than functionality alone. A new set of impact windows (aka hurricane windows) can make an older, tired house come alive. While looks certainly can’t override function, there’s no need to make a choice between the two with today’s modern window options. If the time has come where you’re considering new windows from the perspective of function, give yourself license to consider both form and functionality. An impact window replacement project can not only fortify your home and increase resale value, but also greatly transform the entire living experience of your home.

The most popular impact window styles for Florida homes are rooted in their extreme weather-resistance and ability to withstand winds traveling over 200 miles per hour – and they can look great doing it. Based on trends in home design and purchases, here are the most popular Florida impact window styles for 2024.

Double Hung Impact Windows

Timeless in nature, double hung, vertical sliding windows still remain among the most popular for Florida homes. Double hung windows have two movable sashes – meaning both the bottom and top window can be opened. This is an asset for improved ventilation and inviting in the sweet breezes that Florida winds carry. When winds aren’t so tame, a hurricane rated style of window works to fortify your home against sustained winds and gusts traveling up to 200 miles per hour. This style of window may be timeless, but the quality and design of the style of window has changed dramatically over time. A trending style today are dark colored trims, though white trim remains the top favorite for a versatile and timeless look.

Casement Impact Windows

Casement windows are a popular style in Mediterranean style homes and lend to that classic coastal style look. These are hinged windows that open by swinging outward like a door, allowing a deep breeze and open ventilation. The angle of the window opening is adjustable and like a sail, can be positioned to capture the perfect breeze.

Fixed Windows (Architectural Impact Windows)

Fixed windows or architectural windows are large, stationary windows designed as part of the wall to let in the beauty. You live in Florida for a reason – the views, the sun, the plant-life is spectacular, curious, and inspiring. Architectural windows are a way to invite the beauty of the outside in while keeping the moisture, mugginess, and heat out. With top-rated impact windows, there’s no need to trade form for function. A large, stately, picturesque, architectural windowed wall can withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour when rated for hurricane weather.

The rating of the windows matters, and so too does the installation! The manner and quality in which a window is installed is paramount to the structural integrity of the window and your home as a whole. Infinity Windows and Doors is a Florida based company. We are experts on the local building styles, codes, weather and we know how to keep your home safe for hurricane season while also working to bring in the natural wonder that our amazing terrain has to offer.

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