Hurricane Home Upgrades that Qualify for PACE Program Funding

How Florida Homeowners Can Use PACE Funding for Hurricane Preparedness

Here in Florida where hurricanes are a perennial concern, preparing your home to withstand these powerful storms is not just wise; it’s essential. Prevention now can save catastrophic losses in the event of a storm. The problem for many isn’t in the understanding of this concept – the problem is coming up with the funds to make the improvements possible.

In response to this, the Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program offers homeowners a unique opportunity to make hurricane preparedness improvements with financial flexibility. Some of the key points of the program:

  • No Upfront Cost: PACE financing covers 100% of the project cost, meaning you can secure your home now and pay over time.
  • No Credit Check: Approval is based on the equity of your home – not on your credit score.

In the following sections, we’ll go into more detail about the PACE program and show you how you can leverage it to fortify your home against hurricanes.

Introduction to the Florida PACE Program

The Florida PACE program is a financing mechanism that allows homeowners to make energy efficiency, renewable energy, and hurricane preparedness improvements to their properties without the need for upfront payments. Instead, the cost of these improvements is repaid over time through a voluntary assessment on the homeowner’s property tax bill. This innovative approach not only facilitates important home upgrades but also promotes environmental sustainability and resilience against hurricanes.

Types of Hurricane Preparedness Improvements

The Florida PACE program includes specific home improvement projects aimed at hurricane protection, enhancing the resilience of homes against storms and hurricanes. These improvements are part of broader efforts to safeguard properties in hurricane-prone areas, contributing to both safety and potentially lower insurance premiums. Here are some of the types of improvements specifically geared toward hurricane protection:

  • Hurricane-Rated Windows & Doors: High-impact windows and doors, including specific types such as French glass doors and sliding glass doors, are designed to withstand high winds and debris, reducing the risk of damage and injury during a hurricane.
  • Roofing: Wind-resistant roofing materials and methods, such as secondary water barriers and roof-to-wall reinforcements, can provide added protection against hurricane damage by ensuring the roof remains intact under high wind conditions.
  • Shutters: Storm shutters and other opening protectives that can shield windows and doors from flying debris, a common cause of damage and water intrusion during a hurricane.
  • Wind Resistant Measures: This category encompasses a range of structural enhancements, including cable hold-downs, foundation strengthening, gable-end bracing, and sill plate attachment strengthening. These measures aim to fortify the home’s structure against the powerful forces of hurricane winds.

Each of these improvements not only helps to protect your home during a hurricane but also contributes to its overall value and can lead to savings on insurance. It’s a proactive approach to mitigate potential damage and ensure the safety and comfort of your home during hurricane season.

Financing and Repayment

One of the most appealing aspects of the PACE program is its flexible financing options. The cost of the improvements can be spread over a period of up to 25 years, making the annual payments manageable and often offset by the energy savings and insurance discounts the improvements provide. The assessment is attached to the property, meaning if you sell your home, the remaining balance can be transferred to the new owner.

Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible for the PACE program, you must own a residential property in Florida. The process begins with a simple application, typically submitted through an approved PACE provider’s website. Once you apply, the provider will assess your property and propose improvements to ensure they qualify under the program’s guidelines. It’s important to note that approval does not depend on your credit score; instead, it’s based on the equity in your home and your ability to pay the assessment.

Find Out if You Qualify

If you’re ready to take the next step in fortifying your home against hurricanes and want to learn more about how the Florida PACE program can work for you, contact Infinity Windows and Doors. As an approved PACE program contractor and a specialist in hurricane preparedness home upgrades, our team at Infinity Windows and Doors is dedicated to helping you navigate the process of qualifying for the program and selecting the best improvements that make the most sense for your family, your home, and your life.

While hurricane preparedness is certainly a primary driving factor for the protection of your greatest asset and lifestyle, utilitarian function isn’t the only benefit. While hurricane windows and doors are designed for strength, they also come in all the latest and classic colors, styles, and designs. You can opt for a whole new look or stick to functional window replacements. Together with our design expert, you can compare features, options, and pricing, and design a project for your home. We’ll walk you through the PACE program to find out what you qualify for and get you started down the road to making your vision a reality.

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