Trending Hurricane Door Styles 2024: Florida Home Edition

Popular Front Door Styles for Florida Homes in 2024

Beyond efficiency and practicality, a front door is a statement piece. Not only is it one of the primary focal points of the home, but the entryway is the first place guests and visitors have intimate contact with your home’s space before passing through to the inside. Creating a vibe, a “feeling” in this space is an art unto its own and the front door itself is a primary part of creating that ambiance. What makes a space stately? Fun? Whimsical? What does your front door say about you?

Glass Front Doors

One of the greatest assets of Florida living is the sunshine. Doors designed to invite in the warmth and energy of that signature glow are an asset to Florida home styles. As strong as the desire to let the sun IN, is the need to keep the winds and rains OUT. In order to do double duty, Florida front doors require a special kind of construction. Thanks to modern construction and materials, you don’t need to sacrifice form over function. Hurricane doors and storm doors rated for Florida weather can boast beautiful glass front designs that let the sun spill in while keeping treacherous weather out. Glass front doors represent a space that is open, free, and fluid.

Mid-Century Modern Front Doors

Funky, fun, and tastefully unusual, mid-century modern front doors fit the bill in all types of Florida homes ranging from lavish to micro, from old to new. Mid-century modern style front doors practically beg for fun, bright colors indicative of the Florida landscape. By combining color, shapes, and hardware, homeowners can design a front door that is truly a unique statement piece. A mid-century modern front door makes a statement that its owner doesn’t subscribe to the status quo and what’s inside is unique to know.

Double Doors

Stately and elegant, refined yet easygoing, double doors give a stately and welcoming appeal. They imply sociability and livability. A wide open, inviting space for a grand and welcoming entry, there will be no squeezing and fumbling with suitcases and babies when guests arrive. Easygoing and made for living, double front doors exemplify a presence that is elegant, social, and inviting.

Craftsman Style Doors

Classic and refined, craftsman-style doors are a timeless style of an East Coast home, while modern details add to an updated look. A craftsman front door is signified by its wood look and added windows, though styles vary widely. Rich dark woods and craftsman glass bring an elegant and stately look to stucco homes, elevating style for a bold and stately refined presence. Craftsman doors imply a space of tradition, presence, and solidarity.

Impact Doors – Designed for Hurricane Season

Hurricane doors, impact doors, storm doors – three different names that all represent the same thing. These are doors that are specifically designed to resist wind, water, and flying debris in the event of a storm. In Florida, hurricane windows and doors are a responsible choice for the safety and security of your home. But being responsible doesn’t mean sacrificing whimsy, charm, elegance, or style. Modern hurricane doors are designed to pull double-duty.

Shopping for doors is one part of the equation, installing them is equally as essential! When it comes to safety and security, and definitely to storm protection, the skill and craft of the installation matters – greatly. Infinity Windows and Doors are certified professional impact window and door installation experts. We can help you choose a style and design that will not only fit the look of your home and your personality but also do so in a way that won’t compromise the structural integrity of your home. Contact Infinity today for a free consultation and style guide.

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