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What Differentiates Impact Doors and Windows from Standard Doors and Windows?

The primary difference between impact windows and doors and standard windows and doors is their ability to withstand the violent and powerful winds that are a natural part of living in the state that we love. Also referred to as “hurricane windows” and “hurricane doors”, these special, super-duty windows and doors have a several key attribute differentiate them from the standard: 

They are Made of Heavy Duty Materials 

Impact doors are constructed with thick fiberglass skins with both wood and composite materials. They’re also made with reinforced hinges and dense door frames that provide an extra layer of protection.

Impact Windows and Doors List a “Design Pressure” Rating

Doors and windows come with all kinds of ratings and metrics. When differentiating between impact windows and doors and other types, look for the “DP” or “Design Pressure” rating. This design pressure rating informs you of the level of wind force the door or window is designed to withstand. Wind ratings measure both sustained pressure (constant wind pressure over time) and wind gusts (quick aggressive burst of air).

There are so many numbers, ratings, charts, and scales listed on window products that it can easily become confusing and distracting when trying to make a choice. At Infinity Windows and Doors, we’ll help you to decipher the meaning behind these figures and facts to ensure that the impact doors and windows your considering are rated for your area and your preferences. 

Impact doors and Windows are Eligible for Tax Exemption 

In July of 2022, Governor Ron Desantis declared a two-year sales tax holiday that will be in effect until June 30, 2024, for impact resistant windows, doors, and garage doors. This means that you’ll be able to realize significant savings on these purchases while also fortifying your home. Beyond that, energy efficient doors and windows are also eligible for tax credits of up to 30% of purchase price, up to $600 for window and up to $500 for doors at tax time. That’s on top of your tax free purchase, meaning high dollar savings incentives for making improvements that will beautify, benefit, and protect your home. 

Insurance Savings are Mandatory for Homes with Impact Doors and Windows

Unlike standard doors and windows, impact doors and windows are incentivized by homeowner insurance providers. In the state of Florida, homeowner insurance companies are compelled by law to incentivize the installation of storm-mitigating measures in homes, including impact doors and windows. 

There has never been a better time than now to outfit your home with hurricane resistant windows and doors. Ian taught us a great deal about the value of preparedness during hurricane season. While its consequences were devastating, the storm resulted in initiatives by government and insurance companies to make it more feasible for residents to protect their homes.  

PACE Program Allows You to Pay for Impact Doors and Windows in your Tax Bill

Beyond all of the other incentives, the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is an additional program designed to make energy-efficient home improvement projects more affordable by allowing homeowners to pay the project costs as a monthly payment as part of their property tax bill over a 10-30 year period. Infinity Windows is an approved PACE contractor and can help you navigate the process of financing. Contact us today for free information and estimates. 

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